Six comedians, only one female and nobody new

The Great Stand Up To Cancer British Bake Off features six comedians who would fall into the category of ‘the usual suspects’. And only one of them is female.  Absolutely love the talents of the chosen few – Katherine Ryan, Reece Shearsmith, Tom Allen, David Baddiel, Rob Beckett and John Bishop – but wouldn’t this be another ideal opportunity to showcase the talents of lesser known comedians currently sitting at home with no outlet for their pent up humour.

With comedy clubs closed all over the UK and many comedians relying on podcasts to eke a partial living, national TV programmes like charity specials would be an ideal opportunity for bookers to  promote fresh comedic talent and help sustain the industry.

With a wealth of female comedians available why has only the ubiquitous Katherine Ryan, as excellent as she is, been booked? What about the likes of Jayde Adams, Helen Bauer , Izzy Askwith, Shazia Mirza, Rachael Fairburn, the list goes on? There are of course, other female celebs on the show but once again only one out of six comedians booked is female. Hardly a great showing of equality or the diversity of regional comic talent. Another missed opportunity.

Come on bookers broaden your horizons.

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