Alan Carr adds fun to Interior Design Masters

The second series of this entertaining eight-part show is hosted by Alan Carr, who brings a fresh injection of humour. Ten talented new designers competing to win a career-defining contract with one of the UK’s top boutique hotels. Design expert and former editor of Elle Decoration Michelle Ogundehin returns as the series judge.

Every week, the designers will be set a new commercial design challenge, to take on the interiors of show homes, offices, hotels, shops, beach huts, salons, restaurants and luxury holiday villas. Their skill and expertise will hopefully create design magic to impress the discerning judges.

Alan Carr to host Interior Design MastersWhat attracted you to take part in the show Alan?

“I’d never really hosted an interiors show before and fancied it. Plus, I think people have found, like with Joe Lycett’s Sewing Bee and the Great British Bake Off that there can, if you get it right, a real opportunity to add some fun and humour to craftwork, baking and the creative process. So why not with interior design?

The first series was so popular with viewers and Fearne did such a brilliant job that I didn’t want to come in and spoil it, but I think we got the balance just right.”

Can you tell us what viewers can expect from the second series of Interior Design Masters?

“Well frankly a lot of honesty. I was told by the producers that not only was I the presenter, I was also meant to represent the people at home watching and that I should be brutally honest and say what the viewer was thinking. So, if the hallway is painted baby poo brown I’m going to say it, or the dado rail is wonky I will bring it up. Basically, I’ve been employed because I have no filter. It’s not a complete bitch fest I do dish out a lot of praise, because they were all so talented. The prize is fantastic for someone who wants to pursue a career in interior design so there feels like a lot at stake. If you loved the first series, you will not be disappointed”

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