Jongleurs opening again thanks to Kev Orkian

Kev Orkian re-opening Jongleurs comedy clubsJongleurs opening again.

The once countrywide chain of Jongleurs comedy venues is on course to once again claim its place as the leading chain of comedy venues, thanks to the driving ambition of Kev Orkian. The actor, musician and stand-up comedian, has now purchased the brand with plans to open new venues in early 2021 well underway.

Jongleurs, which draws its name from  a wandering minstrel, poet, or entertainer in medieval England and France, is relaunching with a series of events from January 10 to March 21, including a night at the Century Club in London on January 27.

There will also be events hosted at Concorde Club Eastleigh (Southampton), the Highland Restaurant in Broxbourne and Queen’s Theatre Barnstaple.

Stand-up comedians return to the stage

Performers across these venues include Orkian himself, Tom Houghton, Nick Page, Rudi Lickwood, Mike Gunn, Susan Murray, Kane Brown and Jarred Christmas. Further details can be found on

Kev Orkian re-opening Jongleurs comedy clubsThe Stage, the weekly performing arts newspaper and website, quotes Orkian as saying, “ I had the privilege of working for them for a number of years and my vision is to re-establish the brand to once again lead the comedy circuit as a club which lives and breathes what they originally stood for: providing great working conditions for acts, with well-managed shows, offering more opportunities for upcoming comics and sharing more diverse line ups, and of course, ultimately providing our audiences with the highest quality of comedy entertainment.” Adding that he was eager to rebuild trust in the brand with comedians who had been left out of pocket after the company went into administration by offering those entertainers paid performance opportunities.

In the tough times experienced by many, many comedians over the past year of Covid-19 restrictions the re-opening of Jongleurs venues is a welcome event on the comedy circuit.

 A full biography for Kev Orkian can be found here on the Performing Artistes website

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