Two Doors Down Christmas Special

Two Doors Down Christmas Special

Award-winning comedy Two Doors Down takes viewers on a Christmas getaway as the neighbours head off on a rare trip away from Latimer Crescent.

But a Christmas holiday break at Colin and Cathy’s Luxury Lodge in the Scottish Highlands threatens to derail the neighbours’ friendship when Cathy pushes Beth too far.

Covid-19 has wrecked Colin and Cathy’s plans for Christmas in Dubai, so they’ve rented a luxury lodge in the Scottish Highlands and invited Beth, Eric, Christine, Ian and Gordon along for that bit inbetween Christmas and New Year. It may be a change of location, but not in Cathy’s behaviour. Let’s just say it isn’t a case of goodwill to all men when she starts her celebrations.

Inside, a roaring fire and traditional Christmas tree greet them and Cathy is pleased to see that Beth is impressed. Colin lists the amazing outdoor activities on their doorstep, but reveals that he and Cathy have just been sitting in watching the telly. When Beth asks how their Christmas was, they share a look, before asserting they had a brilliant time.

When the boys arrive there’s excitement over gifts, and while Christine, Beth and Eric are happy with theirs, Cathy attempts to mask her true feelings. When Ian and Gordon go on to reveal some incredible news, Cathy is doubly determined to get the party started, but Eric, Ian and Gordon are all keen to get outside for a walk instead. Christine has already called off, so when Cathy demands a show of hands, it’s all down to Beth to do Cathy’s bidding. Will she vote with her to stay indoors?

With the party in full swing, Cathy is ready to boogie and the gang share fond memories of favourite Christmas telly programmes. But does anyone remember Val Doonican? Christine certainly does. It turns out Gordon also has a flair for impersonations, but when he impersonates Cathy, the atmosphere takes a turn.

With Cathy feeling attacked and Beth pushed to her limits, will their bonds end up stronger or will things spiral completely out of control?

Fizzing with barbed put-downs, simmering rivalries and precision one-liners, this Christmas Special is the biggest test of the neighbours’ friendships yet.

Arabella Weir plays Beth, Alex Norton is her husband Eric, Jamie Quinn plays their son Ian with Kieran Hodgson as his boyfriend Gordon, with Elaine C Smith as Christine, Doon Mackichan as Cathy and Jonathan Watson as her husband Colin.

Two Doors Down, a comedy for BBC Two, is made by BBC Studios Comedy in Scotland.


Confirmed for BBC Two on 28 December at 9pm to 9.30pm

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