The Last Woman on Earth, Sara Pascoe

The last Woman on Earth , Sara Pascoe on BBC Two this Christmas Last Woman On Earth, Sara Pascoe BBC Two Sunday, 27 December 9:00pm-10:00pm

Writer and comedian Sara Pascoe is learning how to do the world’s most endangered jobs – from ice carving in Finland to climbing trees to make a coconut sweet treat in Cuba. Visiting a different country each week to meet some of the last generations performing these dying crafts, Sara embarks on a mission to learn some of the fading trades before they are lost forever.

In the first episode Sara visits Cuba, a land known by many for its cigars, rum and the revolution. A huge rise in tourism and technological advances have increased Cuba’s exposure to commercialism, and Sara wants to find out more, she explores how peoples working lives on the island are adapting and takes a closer look at what might be lost if Cuba continues to change.

Among the unique professions at risk, Sara travels to Havana to meet Juan, a Mattress Magician. Many household goods are expensive in Havana and mattresses are one of them. Sara sees how he makes the mattress new again.

At the Romeo And Juliet cigar factory she takes on the role of La Lectora – a reader who entertains the cigar makers while they go about their delicate toil – a profession that dates back to 1865, before joining a family to make a very local speciality, cucurucho, a sweet eaten from cones. But first she will need to climb giant trees to collect the coconuts before sweet making can begin…

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