REVIEW: Omid Djalili makes Winning Combination a winner

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Omid Djalili presenter of Winning CombinationWinning Combination the new ITV quiz which aired yesterday afternoon will prove to be a winner thanks to presenter Omid Djalili.

The general knowledge quiz, from the makers of the highly successful show The Chase, sees nine contestants compete against each other to be part of the Winning Combination. 

Before the show, contestants are each randomly assigned a number between one and nine. They then compete in a series of fast-paced  rounds to get themselves, and their number, through to the final round. In the final round four players team together to try and win the four-digit jackpot defined by their numbers. 

The maximum prize money is £9876

The number each player brings through is also the number of questions they must answer correctly against the clock. So the bigger the jackpot, the harder it is to be a Winning Combination. Yesterday’s four finalists won a share of £7593

The questions themselves are simple enough to keep viewers interested but the show is held together by the inspired choice of Omid Djalili as the presenter. His quick wit and friendly manner sets just the right tone for this family friendly afternoon show.


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  1. The game show is quite good. The the host is the star. Very funny and keeps everything moving. Worth watching.

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