Sir Andy Murray steals the limelight

Last night’s A League of Their Own was a riot from start to finish. The star of the show was undoubtedly Sir Andy Murray giving better than he got from the rest of the cast which included Jimmy Carr proudly sporting his new hair transplant. There was plenty of lads banter about that with ‘leather skinned’ Jamie Redknapp and ‘botox’ Carr chucking jibes about each other’s appearance.

Romesh Ranganathan took over the chair, as James Corden was unable to return from the States due  to covid travel restrictions, and an excellent job he made of it too. Despite the audience being on screen only the atmosphere was as if they were in the studio.

The regular panel took to the BMX track under instruction from ex BMX world champion Shanaze Reade. Rob Beckett ran out of puff half way up a slight incline and rolled backwards before unceremoniously falling off the bike. He was uninjured unlike Ranganathan who broke his own fall and his wrist in the same ungraceful motion.

Sir Andy definitely pushed aside his dour image last night with some very quit witted repartee, The show has always been like eavesdropping on a lad’s night out but it’s that very banter that makes it a very enjoyable watch.