Mandy - like the curate's egg

Mandy: 6 part sitcom available now on iplayer

Got a feeling that this is going to go down as a proverbial Marmite programme. At only 15 minutes in length it is little more than two sketches moulded into one episode. Like the curate’s egg it is good in parts. Mandy, brilliantly played by the talented Diane Morgan (who also wrote and directed the series), is way over the top. A cartoon character in human form entangled in mishaps reminiscent of Mr Bean or Frank Spencer but, having said that, Mandy is undoubtedly unique.

I didn’t catch last year’s pilot episode but having watched all six of the new series on BBC iplayer I have mixed feelings. Mandy is a walking embodiment of Murphy’s Law. ‘What can go wrong will go wrong’ and does in every short piece. From Laurel and Hardy to Spencer it’s been the foundation of most great comedy and Mandy milks it fully with some very funny moments. 

Co-starring is Michelle Greenidge as the customerless nail technician, Lola, alongside regular cast of Michael Spicer, Alistair Green and Mark Silcox. Guest appearances from Maxine Peake and Sean Lock to name but two of the surprises in store.

Warning for arachnophobes like me: you’re probably best off avoiding episode 1.